• Intelliment Security wins the Spain Startup & Investor Summit Contest

    Intelliment Security wins the Spain Startup & Investor Summit Contest

    15 Oct '13

    Ana Bombarelli

     (Photo: Casa Real) Intelliment Security  wins the tech track for early-stage of the Spain Startup & Investor Summit Contest 2013, from among more than two thousand companies. Intelliment Security gets the […]

  • EmprendedorXXI Award

    EmprendedorXXI Award

    07 Jun '13

    Ana Bombarelli

    Intelliment Security has been selected this week as a finalist in the EmprendedorXXI contest in Catalonia. La Caixa and the Ministry of Industry organize this competition to recognize innovative companies […]

  • Disruptive-Product-Oriented Development

    Disruptive-Product-Oriented Development

    23 Apr '13

    Raúl Recacha Camacho

    We are building a software that aims to completely change the security management of network infrastructure. There are many differences between developing a custom software and creating a product. In […]

  • Building a modular product

    Building a modular product

    21 Feb '13

    Eduardo Fernández León

    Many products out there are built by thinking that their application lives alone in the world and all the customers have the same problems and the same needs. Evidently they […]

  • Catalyst: the SoftLayer startup incubator

    Catalyst: the SoftLayer startup incubator

    11 Feb '13

    Ana Bombarelli

    Thanks LinktoStart, Intelliment Security has joined the Softlayer Startup Incubator. This program provides support and resources that every up-and-coming technology company needs. The benefits of the Catalyst Startup Program are: […]

  • Being part of a startup

    Being part of a startup

    23 Jan '13

    Raúl Recacha Camacho

    I’m about to start a working adventure without a precedent in my career: I will be part of a startup. I say “be part” because the first thing I have […]

  • LinktoStart 2012 Awards

    LinktoStart 2012 Awards

    16 Jan '13

    Ana Bombarelli

    As we have already said (in this post), Intelliment Security has been awarded with one of the LinktoStart 2012 prizes. The award ceremony was held yesterday in Barcelona and our […]

  • We have moved!

    We have moved!

    11 Jan '13

    Ana Bombarelli

    We are still decorating the new office and we have piles of clutter. However, the Intelliment team has never stopped working in the amazing intelligent automation software for the management […]

  • Pre-revenue valuation methods (Part II)

    Pre-revenue valuation methods (Part II)

    09 Jan '13

    Sergio Pozo Hidalgo

    This is the second part of a two part series of pre-revenue valuation methods. In the previous post, I showed the quantitative valuation methods I studied. In this post I […]

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    24 Dec '12

    Ana Bombarelli

    The Intelliment Security team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2013!  

  • The importance of an effective branching model

    The importance of an effective branching model

    11 Dec '12

    Eduardo Fernández León

    Developing code for a software product in a team and to track multiple versions with many customers is an experience near of chaos. Regardless whether you are using CVS, Subversion […]

  • Pre-revenue valuation methods (Part I)

    Pre-revenue valuation methods (Part I)

    28 Nov '12

    Sergio Pozo Hidalgo

    Several weeks ago we received an unexpected offer from a VC fund for a seed round. Although we were not actively seeking for investors (we have been bootstrapping for more […]