Meet us at J On the Beach 2016

Meet us at J On the Beach 2016
17 May '16 Posted by Eduardo Fernández León

We are excited to announce that we are going to be at the first edition of J On The Beach in Málaga (Spain). In this event Intelliment will be part as silver sponsor and we will have a booth for everyone who wants know more about how the security automation can fit with DevOps world.

During J On The Beach event Intelliment will be together with other awesome speakers and companies such as Jelastic, The Workshop, Ciklum, Salesforce, 47 Degrees, Ravenpack, Piksel, GrapheneDB, Valo, etc. and we will show in our booth several integrations with solutions like Google Cloud Engine, Jelastic, and other ones which can be integrated into a DevOps chain in order to improve its security capabilities. In addition, we are going to provide a little surprise to all attendees, so, stay tunned to hashtags #J_OnTheBeach and #H_OnTheBeach for more details. See you there!

Update: Great meeting you at J on the Beach 2016 event

It was fantastic meeting you at J on the Beach 2016 event. If you stopped at our booth, we hope you enjoyed our conversation about DevOps, networks and security.

Intelliment Team


In addition, we hope you discovered in our booth what was behind #H_OnTheBeach hashtag. Our little surprise for all attendees. Take a look about it and hope you enjoyed it.

Ham on the Beach

About Intelliment for DevOps

Network and security operations are considered the weakest link in the DevOps chain, because they need to manage wide ranges of devices with different firewalling capabilities and high vendor lock-in. That derives in maintainability problems. Intelliment provides a multi-vendor solution for expressing security needs in a network topology and vendor-neutral way, providing an intent-based declarative model for automated provisioning of policies on hybrid networks with no training in security nor networking.

Intelliment Security develops Security Automation Software. We allow enterprises to automate nework security policy management in order to help them better handle security at scale and to respond faster to network threats. Intelliment provides a vendor neutral, unified, network security policy abstraction layer. Enterprises are able to query, modify and deploy network security policies in seconds, regardless of the size, complexity and heterogeneity of their network. With zero misconfigurations and no expert knowledge.