Intelliment Security will be at DevSecCon 2016

Intelliment Security will be at DevSecCon 2016
03 Oct '16 Posted by Ildefonso Montero Pérez
We are delighted to announce that we will be speakers and sponsors of the second edition of DevSecCon 2016,  which will be celebrated in London on the 20th of October.
DevSecCon is rapidly becoming one of the most important conferences in the world in terms of unifying DevOps and SecOps communities in order to evaluate, analyse and display the most important initiatives for introducing security concepts into the continuous delivery pipeline. The combination of  the worlds of DevOps and SecOps (DevSecOps) provides great ideas and tools to apply the “shift to the left” paradigm in order to reduce the risks of an automated software/service delivery process.
As speakers, we will discuss how to write firewall policies in app manifests in order to deliver apps as quickly as possible while reducing risks at the same time. As such, attendees will learn how Application Delivery, SecOps, and Risk teams can work together to massively improve the cost while reducing risks. In addition, as sponsors, we invite you to visit our booth and reserve time to try out a demo of our new release.
Do not hesitate to be there, and share your experience and ideas with awesome speakers and attendees from companies like Yelp, Immunio, Sonatype, Conjur, Carbon Black, Veracode or Just Eat. In addition, several workshops and very interesting talks will occur, as you can see in the agenda.
We hope to see you at DevSecCon 2016!
Update: Great meeting you at DevSecCon 2016 event

It was fantastic meeting you at DevSecCon 2016 event. If you stopped at our booth, we hope you enjoyed our conversation about DevOps, networks and security.

Intelliment on DevSecCon 2016 

In addition, if you attended our talk, we hope you liked it. In other case, if you missed it, you can check it here