Intelliment Security at Cisco Forum 2016

Intelliment Security at Cisco Forum 2016
05 Apr '16 Posted by Eduardo Fernández León

We are looking forward to announce that we are going to be presenting at the Innovations Forum at Cisco Forum 2016 Poland. This event will take place in the city of Zakopane during the days 7th and 8th April. This is the second event where Intelliment Security shows our security automation product with Cisco in this year.

This time, Intelliment Security will show how a system can respond to security threats automatically and in a few seconds, thanks to an integration of our solution with Cisco Identity Services (ISE) in multi-vendor firewall networks. Besides, you can get to our stand to learn how Intelliment can solve the security automation problem with different technologies and vendors or assist to the presentation of our product on Thursday, 16:30 at the Innovations Forum.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Zakopane!

Intelliment Security develops Security Automation Software. We allow enterprises to automate nework security policy management in order to help them better handle security at scale and to respond faster to network threats. Intelliment provides a vendor neutral, unified, network security policy abstraction layer. Enterprises are able to query, modify and deploy network security policies in seconds, regardless of the size, complexity and heterogeneity of their network. With zero misconfigurations and no expert knowledge.